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Group Category U-Theatre Culture & Arts Foundation 詳細資訊
Group Category Industrial Technology Research Institute 詳細資訊
General Individual Category Mr. Franz Chen, Founder and CEO of Franz Collectio 詳細資訊
Youth Category Mr. Yu-Chen Yu 詳細資訊

Group Category

U-Theatre Culture & Arts Foundation

An Innovative Social Movement Built Upon the Power of Art

U-Theatre is a world-renowned performing group from Taiwan. As it has made its mark in the world, U-Theatre has also forged closer links with Taiwan over the years to create its own unique, artistic language. Under the leadership of Ruo-Yu Liu, the artistic director, U-Theatre can be found not only in the halls of art, but also in any corner of society and nature as its stage. Through its actions, U-Theatre has brought performing arts to the education system and juvenile correction system, which has created new possibilities for society.

"I am not some sort of philanthropist. All I saw was a group of outstanding artists." Liu said on the topic the Changhua Prison Program.

The relationship between U-Theatre and Changhua Prison has only grown closer since 2009. "Jinshi U-Performer" was formed as a stage to help former inmates return to society. In the "Above Taiwan" concert held at the Taipei Arena on October 4, 2014, Jinshi U-Performer was tasked with leading the Changhua Prison Percussion Troupe in performing in front of over 10,000 people.

Group Category

Industrial Technology Research Institute

The ITRI as a Beacon for Economic Transformation

The touch of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, from high-tech to traditional industry. As the largest technology R&D institution in Taiwan, the ITRI has always been there, working quietly behind the scenes to support upgrades to Taiwan's industry. Forty years since its creation, the ITRI continues to serve as the engine of innovation. It creates high-value emerging industries through technological innovation and industrialization while also promoting the transformation and upgrading of existing industries by enhancing their technological capabilities.

There are always a number of great stories worth retelling behind every successful enterprise.

General Individual Category

Mr. Franz Chen, Founder and CEO of Franz Collectio

Forging New Cultural Value from the Classics

Franz Chen, founder of the Franz Collection, possesses over thirty years of cultural creative experience. The story of how he progressed from distributor to contract manufacturer and then brand owner serves as a model example of how the soft power of Taiwan’s culture shines on the international stage. Franz Collection now has over 6,000 stores in 56 countries worldwide, including nearly 200 direct-owned stores in Taiwan and mainland China. Porcelain "China" was the greatest symbol of traditional China. Franz Collection has surpassed old traditions and created a new form of aesthetic economy.

Chen founded the Franz Collection in 2001 to use the traditional porcelain craftsmanship of China to create fine international giftware. Starting out as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for top international giftware
companies, Franz Collection got involved in ODM (original design manufacturer) in response to customer demand. Realizing that the contract manufacturing industry would "always be like an invisible man," Chen decided to create his own brand -- (Own Branding and Manufacturing) "Franz." The combination of design, manufacturing and sales with service management and branding created a value chain that maximized cultural creative competitiveness

Chen's unique vision and courage enabled "Franz" to rise in just ten short years to rub shoulders with century-old foreign porcelain brands such as Germany’s Meissen, England’s Wedgwood, France’s Bernardaud, Denmark’s Royal Copenhagen, Spain’s Lladro, as well as Japan’s Narumi and Noritake. This was all
made possible through his continued focus on porcelain, technological breakthroughs and constant innovation.

Youth Category

Mr. Yu-Chen Yu

New Weapon in Patent Strategy Breaks through Encirclement

Taiwan is a global leader in innovation and was ranked 5th in the world for the amount of U.S. patents awarded
in 2013. Taiwan even leads the world in terms of the number of patent applications submitted per million people. With this being the case, one would assume that Taiwan would be an intellectual property powerhouse.
The reality is quite the opposite. The actual situation, however, stands in contrast to such achievements. Taiwanese enterprises have to pay high royalties as well as costly patent application and maintenance fees, adding to their financial burdens. Taiwan urgently needs to stop using 20th century weapons to fight the 21st century arsenal used by foreign companies. The "Dynamic 3D Patent Layout Methodology + Patent Positioning Analysis" concept pioneered by Yu is the sort of combined art of war that the industry urgently needs.

For Taiwan industry and the longstanding patent difficulties it faces, Yu’s "Dynamic 3D Patent Layout Methodology + Patent Positioning Analysis" offers a ray of hope. In the beginning, though, Yu was not an expert in this field.

After graduating from the Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering at National Chiao Tung University, Yu joined the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), where he worked as a researcher for eight years. His experiences in technical R&D gave him a keen awareness of how critical intellectual property (IP) rights are to the development of Taiwan’s high-tech industry. In 2007, he switched to the IP field by becoming the IP manager of the ITRI Electronic and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories. His main responsibility involved patent analysis and strategy execution for the light emitting diode (LED) industry, and he was able to help local companies reduce their international patent risks.